Saturday, October 21, 2006


Not my fields, which I am slowly getting ready for winter (and should be doing more on now) or the entry-fields in this blog that I have neglected for another month, but resolve to resume (as I have before.)

This time, though, my header refers to fields of literature -- not just sf, but sf central to the argument. There is a lovely and passionate discussion of this going on at Paul McAuley's blog, from a starting rant at Lou Anders's, flowing outward and back again, with plenty of comment both sensible and incensed (sensibly so, to my taste) about sf, art, entertainment, ideas.

I'll be thinking about much of it this afternoon -- gorgeous, cloudless, mid-60s -- as I sharpen and put to use my scythe (the new one, not the still-being-repaired old one.)

Excellent reading -- not surprising, considering Paul McAuley's own centrality to what is best about the field today -- and worth... cultivating.