Thursday, January 25, 2007


Real cold tonight, the first of the winter -- below 20F is the word. Not too bad up here in my unheated office yet, but will be before long, at which point I'll move back downstairs near the first and work on either laptop or legal pad.

Probably legal pad. With a pencil. And no Internet.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


What little weather we have had here this winter -- it was in the 70s ten days ago -- came a few days ago in the form of a bit of ice. Power stayed on without even a flicker, and no trouble getting up and down my steep shady drive. I had been hoping for a snow, a real snow, but so far nothing.

Last year was little better -- one good snow that was immediately crusted by ice/sleet, leaving us powderless though not, thankfully, powerless. That time my drive did freeze and stayed so for more than a week. I parked at the top of the hill beyond the evergreeens and hardwoods that shield my little valley, and came to enjoy the walk to and from the car -- about a quarter of a mile through those woods -- when I had need to go out.

It has snowed here as late as March and early April, but I'm holding out no hope this year. It will or it won't and I'll deal with either.

Ground still not frozen; have been putting in some time in the garden and vow, this year, to do a better job of cultivating it... and this blog.