Tuesday, September 04, 2007


We got a quarter to a half-inch of rain last Thursday night, the first real rain in over six weeks. Not nearly enough, and little on the horizon.

My neighbors, who farm for their livelihood, have already cut their cornstalks -- such as they were -- for what silage they can get out of them. They sure weren't going to get any corn. Their cows are already eating next winter's hay, and I've been hearing that some of the herds are about to be dramatically reduced to save feed (and money.) Some wells are starting to sputter and spit mud.

Our own well is doing... well.

As I write this, the Midwest is still trying to dry out from its floods, and Hurricane Felix is dumping up to 25 inches of rain on Nicaragua.

The hope among the farmers here is that we get a goodsized storm system that tracks up the east coast and begins refilling the land's water-coffers. Too late for this year's crops but for farmers, like so many of us, it's never too soon to begin thinking about next year.


A new site for small to midsize businesses got started last month, and I think it's pretty good despite (not because of) the fact that I write for it.

The site is bmighty.com from CMP and is relentlessly, intelligently and carefully aimed at the concerns of businesses with between one and 1500 employees. Particular focus is on the ways in which those businesses can use -- really use -- technology to be, well, mightier than employee numbers or annual sales alone might indicate.

I'll be blogging there on security issues, writing columns and occasional features. The people putting the site together know their stuff -- both editorially and in terms of technology and business. Early reaction to the site has been good.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

This has been a plug.