Sunday, January 03, 2010

Water Clock

Lesson d: if you're going to include chronology in a frozen pipe post, make sure your blog settings reflect the time zone you live, post, and deal with frozen pipes in.

Does now.

Lesson C For Cool (I'll Say!) Clear Running Water

The third lesson , evidently, is to write a post about bonehead mistakes that resulted in frozen pipes.

Even as my post just previous went live, the house was filled with the sound of running water.

Nice sound.

Pipes At Peace

A quarter year since here last, and among my resolves two days ago was to better attend to the cultivation of Cultivating Keith.

This morning gives me an opportunity to do so, although not quite the opportunity I'd anticipated.

This particular post, for instance, is being written in-between sessions of thawing out frozen pipes -- pipes frozen despite what I thought were vigilant and disciplined efforts all night long to keep them clear. I ran water full out, and then left water running at a strong trickle, and made it through the night with good flow.

Then: the mistake.

Sun fully out, 8:30 in the morning, I decided to close the faucets.


Took only half an hour or so, but what a half hour evidently.

No flow.

So I have been warming the pipes where they join the house, and warming myself in-between sessions (fireplace helps; Wild Turkey in coffee helps more) outside.

Lessons learned late include: a) when it's this cold and you have flow, don't relax; b) when it's this cold and you don't have flow, reflect in the cold on lesson a.