Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Half Past 2015

Firsts of July always strike me as offering an opportunity for planning, for reflection, for projection and preparation. The first of each month offers the same, of course, in smaller scale, as does the first of each week.

But the First of July provides larger perspective, extending both ways. We are mid-way through the year, and, depending upon our nature (both in general and at the moment) we may ask:

Is this year half-over, or only half-begun?

The answer differs from year to year, but more often than not, the older I get, I choose the latter,

I've had easier years than this one, but this one's only half-started.

Plenty of 2015 tomorrows ahead, after all.

Half a year's worth.


Joan said...

I just today stumbled across your October, 2012 post/article regarding Thomas Wolfe. It was, in my opinion, an excellent understanding of Wolfe and very well written. Thank you.

Kenneth Sinibaldi said...

Hi Keith,
Former student of yours, Ken Sinibaldi here. Don't know if this is the best way to get in touch with you but here goes. I remember you were into cryosurgery and in my practice days I used the modality often until I got in to lasers. I also remember you had an instrument line with multiple handles and probes. My question, are they still available somewhere and if so how can I purchase them. Thank you for your time and all the best to you.

Ken Sinibaldi, DVM,
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons.