Sunday, March 11, 2007


A week last night since the last time we saw our pal Pumpkin, and while I continue to hope that he's indulging spring fever and will return, I'm having a hard time holding that hope close.

A few months old, P-Man was due last week to be neutered, and the fact that he was intact gives me what little optimism I retain: maybe he has found a lady.

But the woods and thickets at this farm and the surrounding ones are home to bigger cats, bobcats, and that's what I fear Pumpkin ran into last week. While there are coyotes in the county, as increasingly everywhere, I've not seen or heard any on our property or the adjacent ones. I haven't come across any evidence of a fight or struggle, nor have I seen any scavenger birds circling.

Also, P-Man's brother Oreo's behavior changed noticeably last week -- he doesn't fare as far, nor does he stay out at night, as had been his, and their, habit. He keeps close to home now, and I can't help but wonder if the change has anything to do with Pumpkin and, perhaps, Pumpkin's fate.

P-Man, our Pumpkin, was among the most affectionate animals I have ever known, and I do -- as best as I am able -- continue at least some of the time to hope that he comes home.


Dawno said...

I realize this post is rather old, but I just found your blog and was scrolling down through the posts to start reading them chronologically and saw the picture of your Pumpkin. I, too, had a Pumpkin - could have been the twin brother of yours. He was 16 when he died, he was the sweetest cat I've ever known, so I feel a great deal of sympathy for you and, if Pumpkin did not find his way home, your loss.

Amy Hanek said...

I have a cat that looks exactly the same. He is neutered, but mysteriously came with our house. He is our outdoor cat and we call him "Frank."

I wonder if they are related...