Monday, March 12, 2007


It's been about two weeks since my friend Steve Meador had to close, after fifteen or so years, the Glade Hill Quickette.

Like many independent "country stores," Steve's was as much social center as retail establishment, the place people went to for the latest news, gossip, jokes, jawboning around the heater in wintertime, on a bench out front in summer. The world's problems may not have been solved there, but they were certainly enumerated, often in hialrious and occasionally obscene detail.

I bought my onion sets and seed potatoes from Steve for well over a decade, and my daily stop at the Quickette for the newspaper and the non-print news had for years been an important part of my routine.

Gone, now, a victim of many things -- too much credit given to too many who never paid, cashflow crunches, shinier and larger competition across the street, changing times.

It's too bad, and it's more than that -- Steve Meador ran a good store, gave back to the community -- money for sports teams and fundraisers when he had it, a big smile even when he didn't -- and I suspect that in many ways he gave more than he got.

Now when I drive by the Quickette, what I get are memories. Good ones, and ones that I'll keep forever, but just memories nonetheless.


Stephen said...

Too few places like that. I and my family treasure a store like the Quickette that does catering but smokes the best ham and brisket that I've ever had the pleasure to eat. . . . I'm always wondering when (not if) it'll all go away and I'll be stuck with what's left -- large supermarket renderings. BUT as with the Quickette the best part of it all is the time the owner and I spend just sitting and talking about food and life and . . .

All the best,
Stephen Lucchetti
Ypsilanti, Michigan

CHE said...


CHE said...

i hope you still check this blog

Amy Hanek said...

Wow... memories!

My husband, a true believer in the small country store, would always choose the "Quickette" over the "Minute Market" any day.

We still miss that little store next to the post office (where my friend Judy wishes me a "goodday" as if we've been friends for years).

Old times on route 40...

Darlene said...

People should read this.